The Resort Management and Security Operators are enforcing all guidelines, rules and regulations for strict compliance for health and safety reasons for everyone. 

Swimming Pool:

· Swim at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty. 

· Strictly no diving, swimming pool is shallow and not intended for diving.

· Proper swimming outfit is required – swimsuit for all females and swimming trunk for males including children. 

· No cotton T-shirts over the swimsuit for health issues.

· Everyone must take a cleansing shower before going into swimming pool.

· No glassware of any kind is permitted around the pool.

· Guests who are under the influence of alcohol or on drugs are strictly not allowed to use the pool.

· No running on the deck or horse play in the pool. 

· All children under 12 years old and under 5 ft in height must be accompanied by a responsible adult who can swim.

· Children with diapers are required to use plastic pants over the diaper for health reason. The plastic pants prevent accidental disposal of bodily waste. 

· If you have a communicable disease, please do not use the swimming pool as you can transmit the disease to others.

· Bathers with seizures, heart or circulatory issues are advised to swim with a buddy.

· Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or eject from the pool premises to anyone who fails to comply with any of the above rules and regulations.

Other Rules:

· Strictly no firearms and other deadly weapons brought into the resort premises.

· No pets are allowed within the premises of the resort.

· Putting up tents or any other objects not allowed unless authorized by Resort Management.

· Full refund of monies from down payment only occurs if you cancel your reservation 3 calendar days after confirmed down payment.

· Cancellation of reservation 3 calendars days after down payment will result to a 30% service charge of the full quoted price.

· Cancellation of a reservation less than 15 calendars days prior to scheduled event will result to forfeiture of deposit/s or payment.

· Full refund of monies for rental and services only occurs, if the resort has confirmed the event and for some reason the resort becomes unfit for habitation. Management will arrange with the customer to try to reschedule the event based on availability and if the customer has accepted with the new schedule, refund would no longer 

· A Corkage fee of PhP250.00 applies to all applicable beverages brought in to the resort. 12/24 per case soft drinks and beers, Per Bottle of wines and liquors.

· A Surcharge fee of 10% will be added to the final rental bill for any outside catering establishment brought in to the resort.

· A Surcharge fee of 15% will be added to the final rental bill for any outside audio/video professional sound system establishment brought in to the resort. 

· The resort allows cooked foods brought in with no cover charge.

·  Any type of cooking is not allowed within the resort except barbeque grilling but only on the designated area provided.

·  Quoted rate is only based on number of persons upon reservation. All extra guests are subject to per person charge

·  As a rule, we count every guest brought in for the final count except infants and service people.

·  Let us know if you require a signed in guestbook, invitation only, numbered tickets or any other means to control before guests acceptance at the gate.


· The Resort Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject individual/s within the premises of the resort.

· The Resort Management reserves the right to charge guest/s for cost of replacement or repairs to damaged or lost items that are provided for the area.

· The Resort Management reserves the right for various levels of deposits or charges and to amend any other rules at any time it deems fit. 

· All guests staying in the resort are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and acceptable manner and not to disrupt the enjoyment of other guests. 

o If in the Management’s opinion or any other person in authority, your behavior or that of any member of your party is causing or is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any of the other guests or any third party or damage to property, the Management reserves the right to terminate your booking arrangement immediately.

o In the event of such termination our liability to you and/or your party will cease and you and/or your party will be required to leave your accommodation or other services immediately. The Resort Management has no further obligations to you and/or your party.

o No refunds for lost accommodation or any other service will be made and we will not pay any expense or costs incurred as a result of the termination.

o You and/or your party may also be required to pay for loss and/or damage caused by you or your party’s actions and we will hold you and each member of your party jointly and individually liable for any damage or losses caused by you or any member of your party.

o Full payment for any such damage or losses must be paid directly to the Resort Manager or other supplier (for example, caterer) prior to departure from the resort.

o If you fail to make payment, you will be responsible for meeting any claims, including legal cost, subsequently made against us as a result of your actions together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim against you.

o The Owners/Resort Management cannot be held responsible for the actions or behavior of other guests or individuals who have no connection with your booking arrangement or with us.

· The Resort Management reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including shortening the duration of the party without refund of rental, against any occupant who infringes its Rules and Regulations or to disallow or ejects any occupant whom it deems undesirable into the resort premises. The Resort Management shall not be liable for any damages there from.

· The Resort Management shall not be held responsible for any loss of valuables, money or personal effects of occupants during their stay in the resort.

We hope that you enjoy your stay. We encourage our guests to please be considerate and mindful of the terms and conditions for everyone to enjoy their stay at Kaykayo Resort. We appreciate any comments and suggestions. Thank you for your visit and we hope to see you again soon.

Kaykayo Management


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